Fire Emblem Warriors

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Fire Emblem Warriors A Hack-and-Slash Action Video Game

Fire Emblem Warriors is a hack-and-slash action video game in which players take the role of multiple characters including original characters Rowan and Lianna, and characters from several Fire Emblem games, including Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (in its remake counterpart), Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates, who primarily important to the main storyline. While some other Fire Emblem game characters who are neither from the three said Fire Emblem games, including Female Robin and Male Corrin are not playable in the game’s main storyline. The player fights through hordes of enemies, accomplishing specific goals to beat maps.

In addition to hack-and-slash combat in open areas similar to the Dynasty Warriors series, gameplay includes the ability to give tactical commands to units in the spirit of the Fire Emblem series. The Weapons Triangle- axes beat lances, lances beat swords, and swords beat axes- from Fire Emblem games appears, resulting in players having to make careful decisions on what units attack which enemies. In addition to axes, lances, and swords, three neutral weapon types appear: bows, tomes, and dragonstones. When characters assist, heal, or fight alognside each other in battle, their bond strengthens. Like in Fire Emblem games, if two characters’ bond increases enough a support conversation will be unlocked. The game will also utilize all existing and future Fire Emblem Amiibo figurines, which give weapons related to the character represented by the Amiibo that is used.

During a routine sparring match between the royal twins of Aytolis, Rowan and Lianna, and their friend Prince Darios of Gristonne, monsters attack Aytolis. The three are separated from Queen Yelena during the attack, who gives them the Fire Emblem before being captured. The group learns Darios’ father Oskar is seeking to revive the evil dragon Velezark, and that they must travel across dimensions to power up the Fire Emblem in order to stop them. Rowan and Lianna travel across the worlds, rallying support from the nations of Ylisse, Hoshido, Nohr, and Altea. However, during an attack on a Gristonne fortress, Velezark successfully possesses Darios, who steals the Fire Emblem. Rowan and Lianna pursue him to Gristonne, where they discover Yelena has been captured and Oskar intends to sacrifice her to fully revive Velezark. Rowan and Lianna successfully rescue Yelena, so Darios sacrifices Oskar to complete the ritual and revive Velezark. Now freed from the possession, Darios returns the Fire Emblem to the group before falling to his death. Rowan and Lianna then battle Velezark’s forces and finally slay him.

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