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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Introduces Three New Ultra Beasts

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon introduces three new Ultra Beasts: UB Assembly, UB Burst and UB Adhesive, making them the first games in the franchise to include new Pokémon while not being a first installment in the corresponding generation. In addition, new forms were included for the legendary Pokémon Necrozma – dubbed Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings forms which are achieved by absorbing legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala, respectively, similar to Black and White Kyurem in Pokémon Black and White 2 and Lusamine’s “mutated” form in the original versions of Sun and Moon. The rock-type Pokémon Lycanroc also received an additional third form.

Two new features were include in the games: Mantine Surf which allows the player to surf across the region’s seas and Alola Photo Club which allows the player to take pictures of their player character with Pokémon in various poses.

The player characters are different with the first games, although they remain customizable.

Similar to previous games in the series, the games are role-playing video games with adventure elements. While it is set in an alternate Alola region, the game’s mechanics and graphics remain largely the same with Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The game puts an emphasis on the legendary Pokémon Necrozma. Similar to the original versions, the game is set in the Alola region, based on the Hawaii islands. Although largely the same, the new games feature additional buildings and locations in comparison to the first installments. Multiple main characters featured in Sun and Moon, such as Lillie and Gladion, return in the game with significant changes. A new group, the Ultra Recon Squad, is introduced with differing characters in the two games. A parallel universe to Alola, where the legendary Pokémon Necrozma has robbed all the light sources, is centered at a location known as Ultra Megalopolis and is accessible through the Ultra Wormholes.

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