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The Gravity-controlling Mechanics Are Expanded In Gravity Rush 2

The gravity-controlling mechanics introduced in Gravity Rush are expanded in Gravity Rush 2. Players are able to choose among three gravity styles: the original style from the first game, Lunar and Jupiter. Lunar will be light and increase Kat’s speed and her ability to jump higher. Jupiter will make Kat feel heavy, giving her attacks more impact. Players can change between gravity styles using the touch pad.

Director Keiichiro Toyama stresses immersion with Gravity Rush 2. Toyama says the key to this is expanding the universe and making Kat and her surroundings feel more alive. The new city in the game, for example, is more lively and colorful, and Kat will be able to chat with the city’s inhabitants, throw gang signs, and people will react organically. Environments will be destructible.

The Nevi return in Gravity Rush 2, along with other enemies, such as human soldiers, some of whom operate combat mechs. Fellow Gravity Shifter Raven, who appeared as an antagonist for most of the first game, will be an AI-controlled ally who can fight with Kat during certain battles.

As Gravity Rush 2 has three times the amount of missions than its predecessor, the game is between 20–40 hours long. The game map is 2.5 times larger than the one from the original.

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